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British Specialised Equipment

Page Created
August 1st, 2022
Last Updated
August 26th, 2022
Great Britain
British Flag
Helmets and Uniforms
Personal Equipment
Specialised Equipment
Personal Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Other Countries
British Equipment
U.S. Equipment
HorsesTransport Horse
MulesTransport Mule
Climbing Equipment
Toggle RopeToggle Rope
Allways FuzeNo. 247 Allwayz Fuze
Bangalore TorpedoBangalore Torpedo
Delay SwitchNo. 10 Delay Switch
Lewes bomb
Nobel 808, Plastic ExplosiveNobel 808, Plastic Explosive
AVRE Demolition Charges
Navigational Equipment
Bagnold Sun CompassBagnold Sun Compass
Cole Sun CompassCole Sun Compass
Parachute Equipment
Airborne Wicker BasketAirborne Wicker Basket
Central Landing Establishment (CLE) ContainersCentral Landing Establishment (CLE) Container
Modified Irvin Aircrew ParachuteModified Irvin Aircrew Parachute
GQ X Type Statichute (X-Type Parachute)GQ X Type Statichute (X-Type Parachute)
Medical Supplies ContainerAirborne Medical Container
Type C Airborne Container
Type E Airborne Container
Type F Airborne ContainerType E Airborne Container
Type H Airborne Container
Whitley BagWhitley Bag
Radio Equipment
Eureka BeaconEureka Beacon
Eureka AntennaEureka Antenna
Mk. V Transmitter
Mk. VII Transmitter
Wireless Set No. 1Wireless Set No. 1
Wireless Set No. 9Wireless Set No. 9
Wireless Set No. 11Wireless Set No. 11
Wireless Set No. 18Wireless Set No. 18
Wireless Set No.19 HPWireless set No. 19
Wireless Set No. 22Wireless Set No. 22
Wireless Set No. 37
Wireless Set No. 38Wireless Set No. 38
Wireless Set No. 42Wireless Set No. 42
Wireless Set No. 46Wireless Set No. 46
Wireless Set No. 52Wireless Set No. 52
Wireless Set No. 68Wireless Set No. 68
Wireless Set No. 76Wireless Set No. 76
Reception Set R107Reception Set R107
Airborne Folding TrolleyAirborne Folding Trolley
BSA Airborne BicycleBSA Airborne Bike