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What happened in 1940?

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April 3rd, 2022
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May 10th, 2023
World War 2
In 1940 World War 2 came to a full-blown war. In April Germany attacks Denmark and Norway. Denmark is forced to surrender within hours. Norway can hold on to June before it also is forced to surrender.
Germany continues and in May it invades, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. With a new concept called the Blitzkrieg they rage through these countries destroying almost everything that comes on their path. Within a month all invaded countries are forced to surrender or on the run for the overwhelming tactics of the German Forces. What is left of their armies tries to escape to Great Britain. At Dunkirk over 300,000 Allied troops are able to board a wide variety of ships and make it to England. Within that period Italy has also declared war on France and Great Britain and launches a very unsuccessful attack on France. France is the last to surrender in the last days of June.

Almost directly after the Dunkirk evacuation. Hitler sets his eyes on Great Britain for an invasion. After an unsuccessful peace offer to Great Britain Germany tries to break the British Royal Air Force first. An air battle known as the Battle of Britain breaks out. Huge quantities of aircraft fight each other over the British Channel, the British airfields and eventually London and other big British cities. By October it has become clear to Germany that their attempt has failed, The Royal Air Force has done the impossible.
After the unsuccessful invasion of France, Italy invades Egypt from Libia. The war in North Africa has started with this attack. One month later Italy invades Greece but within a month the Italians are driven back across the border by the Greek army.
In september Japan enters World War 2 by invading French Indochina. A few days later Japan, Germany and Italy sign the Tripartite Pact, a defensive pact. They are joined later that year by Hungary and Rumania.
In December Great Britain counter-attacks the Italians in Egypt. The Italians are driven back into Libia.