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January 1943

Special Forces Operations in January 1943

January 23rd, 1943 – January 24th, 1943
Operation Cartoon
Commando, Norwegian troop 10 (IA) Commando
Fifty-three men of No. 12 Commando, ten men from the Norwegian troop 10 (IA) Commando under Captain Harald Risnes, No. 18 Group RAF, seven Royal Norwegian Navy Motor Torpedo Boats of 30th MTB Flotilla. Their mission is the destruction of the Stordø Kisgruber Pyrite mine on the island of Stord near Leirvik in Vestland, Norway.

On arrival, half the commandos land at Sagvåg quay to engage the German defensive positions. The other half lands on the opposite side of the bay. Carrying 25 kg of explosives it takes the Commandos 25 minutes to cover the distance to the Pyrite mine, 3.2 km away. The explosive charges put the mine out of action for a year. As they depart, the Motor Torpedo Boats attack a German steamer, leaving the ship sinking. The commandos capture three German prisoners, valuable papers, and equipment. One commando is killed, while two commandos and eight sailors are injured.