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May 1942

Special Forces Operations in May 1942

May 5th, 1942 – October 1942
Operation Ironclad
No. 5 Commando. Their mission is to land ahead of the main force and carry out a raid on a French coastal artillery battery near Courrier and Ambarata Bays on the northern tip of the island eighteen kilometres to the west of Diego Suarez, Madagascar. After that they have to stand by for further assignments.

The Commandos complete their missions successfully and stay in Madagascar until October, after which the unit returns to Great Britain.

May 31st, 1942 – June 1st, 1942
Operation Foxrock
Hundred men of No. 12 Commando. Their mission is to destroy the entrance to the Somme Canal and other installations at St Valéry sur Somme, France.

This operation is planned after the success of Operation Chariot against the Normandie Dock in Saint Nazaire, France. The operation is abandoned when the convoy taking the assault force to France is spotted by a German patrol vessel.