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August 1942

Special Forces Operations in August 1942

August 7th, 1942August 8th, 1942
Battle for Talugi
1st Raider Battalion
The 1st Raider Battalion plays a significant role in the battle for Tulagi. Their mission is to land ahead of the Marines and capture the west of the island.

Two companies of the Raider Battalion where the first to land on the island, facing limited resistance due to their element of surprise. During the day, the battalion secures key positions, advanced against sporadic resistance, and engages in intense combat during Japanese counterattacks. Despite facing heavy opposition, the Raiders effectively defend their positions and contributed to the eventual capture and securing of Tulagi.

The casualties for the Raider Battalion during the battle for Tulagi included 307 Japanese and 45 U.S. troops killed, with three Japanese soldiers taken prisoner.
August 17th, 1942 – August 18th, 1942
Raid on Makin Island
August 19th, 1942
Operation Jubilee
Commandos, U.S. Army Rangers
Canadian 2nd Infantry Division, 14th Army Tank Regiment (The Calgary Regiment (Tank)) and British No. 3 Commando, No. 4 Commando (50 U.S. Army Rangers), No. 10 Commando, No. 30 Commando, No. 40 Commando. Their mission is to capture and occupy for a brief period the port town of Dieppe, to test the feasibility of a landing and to gather intelligence. Before leaving, the invasion force, must destroy the German coastal defences, port structures and important buildings.