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Axis Equipment

What equipment did Allied Special Forces use in World War 2?

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July 11th, 2022
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July 30th, 2022
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Axis Equipment
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Axis special forces, much like their Allied counterparts, played a significant role in World War II. They were tasked with carrying out covert operations, gathering intelligence, and disrupting Allied operations behind enemy lines. These specialized units required specific equipment to operate effectively and efficiently in their missions. The equipment used by Axis special forces in World War II varied depending on the mission and the specific unit, but generally included firearms, explosives, communication devices, and other specialized tools. The equipment was often designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to conceal, allowing the special forces to move quickly and stealthily.

Germany had already a firm set of specialised equipment when World War 2 started. But since they were the ones envisioning a world empire, they had been preparing for quite some time. Italy had more or less continued their specialised forces from World War 1 and their colonies. They came up with some of the most spectacular equipment. In some of the equipment Special Forces use nowadays we can still see the hand of the Italian designers. Japan was not really interested in Specialised Forces, although they did have some specialised units and equipment. Maybe at the end of the war you might consider the use of Kamikaze troops as specialised forces.

Despite their significant impact on the war, Axis special forces were ultimately unable to overcome the combined might of the Allied powers, who were also armed with advanced and specialised equipment.