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Which Special Forces did Greece use during World War 2?


Greece had an enormous history in Special Forces in their past. Everybody who is somewhat interested in military history can remember the famous three hundred Spartans in 480 BCE who under command of Leonidas who were able to delay the Persians at the Pass of Thermopylae. The Macedonian phalanx is another example of excellent Greek Elite troops that were able to win against all odds.

However, at the start of World War 2 there was no vision on Special or Specialised Forces in Greece. At that moment the Helenic Army had to deal with great unrest because of a failed Venizelist and Republican Coup in 1935. After the Coup, a military tribunal was instituted, and the Army was purged from Venizelist and Republican officers. This led to another coup in November where the Hellenic Army overthrew the government and installed regent. After a frauduleus referendum, the monarchy under King George II was reinstalled under control of the Prime Minister (regent). It was under these condiations that Greece entered the war. After the defeat by German and Italian troops a lot of Greek troops fled to British-controlled Middle East.

Here came the realisation that the constant unrest among the officers made them very unreliable in the eyes of the Allied. From this vision came Squadron of Select Immortals.

Levant Schooner FlotillaFlag Jolly Roger
Squadron of Select Immortals
Sacred Band
Ιερός Λόχος Hieròs Lókhos
Badge of the Sacred Band


L Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade
Special Air Service Regiment