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October 1943

Special Forces Operations in October 1943

October 3rd, 1943 – October 8th, 1943
Operation Devon
Commandos, Royal Marine Commandos, Special Raiding Squadron.
No. 3 Army Commando, No. 40 (RM) Commando, Special Raiding Squadron. Their mission is to capture Termoli, and with it unhinging the German defensive position along the river Bifurno.

The Commandos of the 1st Special Service Brigade complete their objective on the first day and hold the town of Termoli for another five days against heavy attacks of the Germans until reinforcements arrive. The 1st Special Service Brigade alone suffers three officers and twenty-nine other ranks killed, seven officers and seventy-eight other ranks are wounded, and one officer and twenty-two other ranks are missing.

October 10th, 1943 – January 1944
Operation Grebe
Norwegian Independent Company 1, Special Operations Executive
Six-man party (T. Hoff, J. Beck, H. Løkken, H. Storhaug, A. Øvergård and A. Graven) of the Norwegian Independent Company 1 (Kompani Linge) as part of a Special Operations Executive operation. Their mission is to reconnoitre the Røros and Dovre railways so when needed, German troop movement could be disturbed.
The party parachute into Norway, but three of the party are killed on landing and the remaining three are forced to abandon the mission and escape to neutral Sweden, where they remain until January 1944.