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British Helmets and Uniforms

Page Created
August 1st, 2022
Last Updated
August 26th, 2022
Great Britain
British Flag
Helmets and Uniforms
Personal Equipment
Specialised Equipment
Personal Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Other Countries
British Equipment
U.S. Equipment
Brodie Steel Helmet Brodie Steel Helmet
Airborne Training Bungee HelmetAirborne Bungee Helmet
P Type HelmetP-Type Helmet
Helmet Steel Airborne Troops (HSAT)Helmet Steel Airborne Troops (HSAT)
Tropical Wolseley Pith HelmetTropical Wolsely Pith Helmet
Turtle HelmetMk. III Turtle Helmet
Beige BeretBeige Beret
Green BeretGreen Beret
Maroon BeretMaroon Beret
Pattern 1937 Wool Cap ComforterWoolen Cap Comforter
Shemagh and AgalShemagh and Aghal
Collarless Battledress ShirtCollarless Battledress Shirt
Pattern 1937 Battledress UniformPattern 1937 Battledress Uniform
Pattern 1940 Battledress UniformPattern 1940 Battledress Uniform
Khaki Drill Tropical BattledressKhaki Drill Tropical Battledress Uniform
Cotton Jungle Green Drill BattledressAertex Jungle Green Drill Battledress Uniform
Airborne Paratrooper Battledress TrousersAirborne Paratrooper Battledress Trousers
Pattern 1939 Battle Dress Overalls DenimPattern 1939 Battle Dress Overalls Denim
Field Jackets
Jacket ParachutistsJacket Parachutists
Denim OversmockDenim Overscmock
Denison SmockDenisin Smock
Skeleton Assault JerkinSkeleton Assault Jerkin
Special Operations Executive Jumpsuit (SOE Striptease Suit)SOE Jumpsuit
Cotton Khaki Drill JacketCotton Khaki Drill 4 Pocket Jacket
Cotton Khaki Drill Bush JacketCotton Khaki Drill 4 Pocket Jacket
Great CoatGreat Coat
Hebron CoatHebron Coat
Kapok (Tropal) Lined Coat
Leather JerkinLeather Jerkin
Shoes and Boots
B5 Leather BootsB5 Leather Boots
Desert Boot, Chukka BootChukka Boots
Leather DMS Ammunition BootsLeather Ammunition Boots
Chapplies Desert SandalsChapplies Desert Sandals
Pattern 1937 GaitersPattern 1937 Gaiters