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February 1942

Special Forces Operations in February 1942

February 5th, 1942 – May 1945
Operation Anvil
Norwegian Independent Company 1, Special Operations Executive
Two-man Norwegian party (J. Gunleiksrud as the organiser and F. B. Johnsen) Norwegian Independent Company 1 as part of a Special Operations Executive operation. Their mission is to establish radio contact and organise resistance groups in the area round Lillehammer in German-occupied Norway
J. Gunleiksrud is the first to arrive on February 5th, 1942, as the organiser followed by F. B. Johnsen on March 12th, 1942, as the radio operator. Both men are delivered by sea. Gunleiksrud is arrested on arrival in February by the local resistance group on suspicion of being a provocateur and, after additionally falling foul of the central organisation in Oslo, leaves for Sweden in July. Johnsen remains in Norway to the end of the war.

February 27th, 1942 – February 28th, 1942
Operation Biting
The Parachute Regiment, Commandos
Recovery party from No. 12 Commando. Their mission is to protect the retreating paratroopers so they can embark the Landing Craft Assault at Bruneval, France.