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July 11th, 2022
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May 17th, 2023
Opposing Parties
The Allied Equipment
The Axis Equipment

During World War II, both Allied and Axis special forces were equipped with innovative and specialised equipment designed to give them an edge in the battlefield. Special forces soldiers were often tasked with missions that required them to operate behind enemy lines, gather intelligence, and carry out sabotage, which demanded specialised equipment tailored to their needs. The development and use of special forces equipment were critical factors in the success of many missions throughout the war. Examples of special forces equipment used during World War II include the German FG 42 rifle, the British Welrod pistol, the Japanese Type 97 grenade, and the American M2 flamethrower. These pieces of equipment, among others, demonstrate the range of specialised weaponry and tools used by special forces on both sides of the conflict. The use of such specialised equipment and weapons set special forces apart from conventional infantry units and played a crucial role in the outcome of many battles during the war.

Most of the equipment Special Forces use is also used by regular units. Besides this regular equipment they require special and specialised equipment to help them complete their tasks. This section will try to give you an overview of both the regular and the specialised equipment used by Allied Special Forces in World War 2.

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