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November 1943

Special Forces Operations in November 1943

November 26th, 1943 – January 1944
Operation Hardtack
No. 10 Commando, Commandos, U.S. Army Rangers, Special Boat Service
Operation Hardtack is the overall designation of the series of special forces raids across the English Channel by the No. 10 Commando, No. 12 Commandos, 2nd U.S. Ranger Battalion and the Special Boat Service. Their mission is to gather intelligence and assess proposed landing areas of German-occupied Northern France in preparation for Operation Neptune during Operation Overlord.

All but one of the raiding parties are delivered by motor torpedo boat, the latter being an airborne undertaking. The raids are ended by order of Major General R. E. Laycock, the Chief of Combined Operations. Intelligence showed that the raids led the Germans to bring reinforcements into the areas in which Operation Overlord would take place. With that the raids would interfere with the Allied strategy.

November 26th, 1943 – November 27th, 1943
Operation Hardtack (Dog)
Operation Hardtack (Dog). Team of Commandos. Their mission is a beach reconnaissance at Bivelle near Dieppe, France.