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British Vehicles

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August 1st, 2022
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January 20th, 2024
Great Britain
British Flag
Helmets and Uniforms
Personal Equipment
Specialised Equipment
Personal Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Other Countries
British Equipment
U.S. Equipment
Amphibious Vehicles
Duplex Drive TankSherman Duplex Drive
Landing Vehicle, Tracked BuffaloLanding Vehicle Tracked 1, Alligator
Ford GPAFord GPA

Mobile Artillery
Chevrolet WB (30 CWT) 37mm Bofors QuickFire (QF)
Chevrolet 1533X2 (30 CWT) Breda Modello 35 20 mm GunChevrolet 1533X2 (30 CWT) Breda 20 mm Gun Truck
Ford F30 CMP (30 CWT) 37mm Bofors QuickFire (QF)
Ford F30 CMP (30 CWT) Breda Modello 35 20 mm Gun

BSA M20 SoloBSA M 20 Solo
Norton Model 16H MilitaryNorton Model 16H Military
Norton Model 16H Military SidecarNorton Model 16H Military Sidecar

Multi-Purpose Vehicles
Chevrolet WA (30 CWT) 4×2Chevrolet WA
Chevrolet WB (30 CWT) 4×2LRDG Chevrolet WB (30 CWT)
Chevrolet 1311×3 (15 CWT)
Chevrolet 1311×3 (15 CWT) Medical Truck
Chevrolet 1533X2 (30 CWT)Chevrolet 1533X2 (30 CWT)
Ford 01 V8 (15 CWT) Command/Pilot CarFord 01 V8 (15 CWT) Command/Pilot Car
Ford F30 CMP (30 CWT)Ford F30 CMP (30 CWT)
Ford F60 3 ton
Mack 10 ton
Mack NR4 Ordnance QF 25-Pounder
Mack NR4
Marmon-Herrington 6X6Marmon-Herrington 6X6
Morris 4WD 15 cwt CS8Morris 4WD 15 cwt CS8
White 6X4 10 tonWhite 10 ton 6X4
Willys MB JeepBantam BRC40

Scout Vehicles
Daimler “Dingo” Armoured Scout CarDaimler "Dingo"
 Armoured Scout Car
Guy Armoured Scout CarGuy Armoured Scout Car
White M3 A1 Scout CarWhite M3 A1 Scout Car

Support Vehicles
Armoured BulldozerD7 Armoured Bulldozer
Assault Ramp Carrier, ARKArmoured Ramp Carrier, ARK
Beach Armoured Recovery VehicleBeach Armoured Recovery Vehicle, BARV
Canal Defence LightChurchill, Canal Defence Light
Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE)Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE)
Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, BobbinChurchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, Bobbin
Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, FascineChurchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, Fascines Layer
Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, Small Box GirderChurchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, Small Box Girder
Churchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, Bullshorn PloughChurchill Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, Bullshorn Plough
CrabSherman Crab
CrocodileChurchill, Crocodile
Armoured Personnel Carrier, KangarooArmoured Personnel Carrier, Kangaroo
Mk I Mine Clearing Device, CongerMk I Mine Clearing Device, Conger
Type B Bus “Pigeon Loft”Type B Bus "Pigeon Loft"

Mk VII Light Tank TetrarchMk VII Light Tank Tetrarch
M22 Light Tank (Airborne) LocustM22 Locust, Light Tank