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Allied Biographies

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February 4th, 2023
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April 2nd, 2023
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Allied Biographies
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Read the amazing Allied biographies of the men and women that created the Allied Special Forces. Unlike the people behind the Axis Special Forces, the people behind the Allied Special Forces stood up during World War 2. As the reactive side they had to improvise and rise in the moment. There was no time for careful planning. They had an idea and did what they had to do to at the moment they had to do it. Men like Ralph Bagnold, David Stirling, Charles Wingate and Frank D. Merrill led the Allied Forces into a new world of highly specialised unit that were able to perform almost any task.

Allied Biographies


Badge of the Special Air ServiceArchibald David Stirling


Badge of the Special Air ServiceJohn Steel “Jock” Lewes


Badge of the ChinditsOrde Charles Wingate


Ralph Alger Bagnold
Badge of the Special Air ServiceRobert Blair “Paddy” Mayne