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October 1942

Special Forces Operations in October 1942

October 3rd, 1942 – October 4th, 1942
Operation Basalt
Commandos, Small Scale Raiding Force
Twelve men from the Small Scale Raiding Force, No. 62 Commando and No. 12 Commando, Motor Torpedo Boat 344. Their mission is an offensive reconnaissance of the island Sark, one of the British Channel Islands and to capture German soldiers for integration.

With the help of the locals the Commandos manage to get some valuable information and capture five German soldiers. While trying to capture some officers in the nearby hotel, one German escapes. In the fight that follows three Germans are killed. The Commandos decide to retreat to the Motor Torpedo Boat and return to Great Britain with one German prisoner.

October 18th, 1942 – November 23rd, 1942.
Operation Grouse
Norwegian Independent Company 1, Special Operations Executive
Four-man Norwegian Team of Norwegian Independent Company 1 (Kompani Linge). Their mission is to make preparation for Operation Freshman in the Telemark area, Norway. After the completion of Operation Freshman, the group should train local groups and target ‘Hirdmen’ (Quisling vigilante guards) and Norwegian collaborators and informers.