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U.S. Helmets and Uniforms

M1917 Doughboy HelmetM1917 Doughboy Helmet
Riddell Paratrooper Training HelmetRiddell Paratrooper Training Helmet
M1 HelmetM1 Helmet
M2 Paratrooper HelmetM2 Paratrooper Helmet
A11 Flight HelmetA11 Flight Helmet
Herringbone Twill HatHerringbone Twill Hat
M1941 Herringbone Field CapM1941 Herringbone Field Cap
M1941 Wool Jeep CapM1941 Wool Jeep Cap
B2 Flight CapB2 Cap
Herringbone Twill Two-piece UniformHerringbone Twill HBT Uniform
M1943 Herringbone Twill Two-piece Camouflage UniformM1943 Herringbone Twill Two-piece Camouflage Suit
Herringbone Twill One-piece UniformHerringbone Twill One-piece
M1937 Wool UniformM1937 Wool Uniform
M1942 Parachute Jumper UniformM1942 Parachute Jumper Suit
M1943 Field UniformM1943 Field Uniform
A4 Summer Flying SuitA4 Summer Flying Suit
AN-S-31 Flight SuitAN-S-31 Flight Suit
F1 Electrically Heated Flight SuitType F1 Electrically Heated Flight Suit
Field Jackets
M1941 Field JacketM1941 Field Jacket
M1943 Field JacketM1943 Field Jacket
M1943 Field Jacket HoodM1943 Field Jacket Hood
A4 Flight JacketA-2 Flight Jacket
B3 Flight JacketB3 Bomber Jacket
B10 Flight JacketB10 Flight Jacket
Shoes and Boots
Canvas and Rubber Jungle BootsJungle Boots
Service ShoesService Shoes Type 1
A6 Flying BootsA6 Flying Boots
M1936 LeggingsM1936 Leggings