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U.S. Specialised Equipment

DogWar Dog
HorseTransport Horse
MuleTransport Mule
Packing SaddlePacking Saddle
Climbing Equipment
Rope Climbing Ladder
Rocket Fired Grappling HookGrapping Hook
Type J Modified ProjectorType J Modified Projector
Sectional Portable Steel Ladder
Radio Equipment
AN/PRC-l Radio
SCR 177-S Radio
SCR 300 RadioSCR-300 Radio
SCR 284 RadioSCR 284 Radio
Bangalore TorpedoBangalore Torpedo
Blasting Machine 10 CapBlasting Machine 10 Cap
Demolition BagDemolition Bag
Demolition SpoolDemolition Spool
Pole ChargePole Charge
TNT ChargeTNT Charge