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Operations Sacred Band

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May 27th, 2022
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Sacred Band
Order of Battle

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Colonel Tsigantes and General Leclerc inspect men of the Sacred Squadron at Nalut,in Tunisia
Colonel Tsigantes and General Leclerc inspect men of the Sacred Squadron at Nalut,in Tunisia
North Africa
November 19th, 1942 -December 12th, 1942
Harassment Patrol.

December 4th, 1942 – December 23rd, 1942
Abandoned due to redeployment enemy forces.

March 10th, 1943 – March 19th, 1943
Capture of Ksar Rillan.

April 6th, 1943
Battle for Wadi Akarit

Colonel Tsigantes inspects German prisoners after the battle at Wadi Akarit.
Colonel Tsigantes inspects German prisoners after the battle at Wadi Akarit.

April 9th,1943
Liberation of the city of Sfax.

April 12th, 1943
Liberation of the city of Sous.

April 13th, 1943 – April 16th, 1943
Reconnaissance patrols during the battle of Enfidaville.
Aegean Sea
October 30th, 1943 – October 31st, 1943
200 members parachute into Samos.

November 1st, 1943 – November 5th, 1943
Remaining troops land by boat on Samos.

November 19th, 1943 – November 22nd, 1943
Evacuation from Samos.

November 25th, 1943
Last members leave Samos and return by land to Cairo, Egypt threw Turkey.

March 7th, 1944 – March 18th, 1944
Raid against Samos

March 8th, 1944
Raiding a German sailing ship carrying ammunition and food.

March 29th, 1944 – March 31st, 1944
Raid on Psara, neutralising its garrison and destroying a lighthouse and radio.

April 3rd, 1944 -April 4th, 1944
Raid on Mytilini, killing or wounding 13 members of Gestapo, seizing its archive and liberating those held in its prisons and the building of the city’s school.

April 27th, 1944- April 29th, 1944
Raid on on Ios and Amorgo with SBS.

May 18th, 1944
Raid on Paros with commandos where a German airstrip was damaged, and several Germans killed.

May 17th, 1944- End May
Raid on Samos. Attack on the garrison of Marathokampos.

May 28th, 1944
Raid on west coast of Chios. Blowing up of the dry dock and the
destruction (or serious damage) of thirteen small ships; also, the
blowing up of the small building housing the cable heads, the
destruction of four of them and the death of an unknown number of men from the crews of the blown up German ships.

June 18th, 1944 – June 19th, 1944
Raid on Chios. Neutralised a German outpost in the village of Langadia, in Chios.

June 20th, 1944
Raid on Lesbos. Attack on a German outpost by the Bay of Gera, in Lesbos, destroying three enemy vessels, the dry dock and the adjoining storehouse.

June 29th, 1944
Raid on the east side of Kalymnos. Attack on the German garrison at Vathy, killing nine and wounding ten, including their commander. In Cooperation with the British.

July 13th, 1944 – July 14th, 1944
Raid on Symi. Attack on the German and Italian garrison of Symi. Resulting in the surrender of the German garrison in the fortress and the port of the city. The surrender of another German contingent at the monastery of Panormitis. The arrest of the Italian garrison at Hagios Phanourios. Besides that, they destroyed vessels under repair at the dry dock of Symi, as well as defense installations at the fortress and ammunition depots. The defense installations in the Panormitis peninsula were destroyed. As well as the underwater wire connecting Symi with Rhodes; the telephone line between Panormitis and Symi; In the West all the fortifications were destroyed, a number of heavy guns. Besides that, automatic and other heavy weapons, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, mortars and ammunition were destroyed.

August 7th, 1944
Raid on Lesbos. Successful attack on the German garrison in
the area of Perama, at the entrance of the Bay of Gera. A 35-ton sailing boat loaded with twenty tons of sugar was captured and taken to the base of the unit, around Deremen, on the Turkish coast.

August 1944
Various raids on Islands in the central and southern Aegean. Most successful was the raid on Tilos, resulting in the destruction of telephone installations and the underwater telecommunications wire, connecting Tilos with the other islands of the Dodecanese.

August 25th, 1944
Reconnaissance mission on Karpathos and Kasos. The mission ended with the dead of two members of the Sacred Band and wounding three others in a minefield. These were captured but two managed to escape near the Greek-Yugoslav border.

August 29th, 1944
Raid on Santorini. Destruction of telephone and other installations around Thermes Piges and neutralising the small German-Italian garrison and blowing up the installation’s outpost at Thermiano.

End of August 1944- Beginning September 1944
Ten-men detachments send to Chios, Lesbos, Mykonos, and Samos to replace the withdrawing Axis troops.

September 26th, 1944
Landing on Kythera.

October 2nd, 1944
Landing on Poros.

October 4th, 1944
Actions on Samos. A contigent manage the surrender of some 1,000 Italians with their war supplies.

October 9th, 1944
Actions on Tinos. Establishment of a base on the Bay of Panormos with the purpose of conducting further reconnaissance
patrols on neighbouring Cycladic islands.

October 14th, 1944
Landing at Piraeus. Liberation of Athens.

October 13th, 1944 – October 15th, 1944
Raid on Naxos. German garrison was forced to surrender. 69
prisoners and captured a mortar, thirteen machine guns, rifles and ammunition.

October 15th, 1944 – October 16th, 1944
Raid on Lemnos. German- Italian garrison is forced to surrender. 350 Germans and 60 Italians are taken prisoner.

The liberation of Lemnos by the Sacred Band.
The liberation of the island of Lemnos by the Sacred Band.

October 25th, 1944 – November 4th, 1944
Raid on Kimolos. Surrender of Garrison Base for the raid on Melos.

October 26th, 1944 – November 4th, 1944
Raid on Melos. In cooperation with commandoes of the Special Service Brigade. Withdrawn on November 4th, due to heavy fortifications.

October 26th, 1944 – October 30th, 1944
Raid on Tilos (Episkopi). Surrender of the garrison, 50 Germans and 70 Italians, in the region of Livadia. Aborted after Germans send extra reinforcements.

Lieutenant Hainemann, acting commander of Tilos, with Captain Hillman, after the failed first attempt of the Sacred Band at the liberation of the island
Lieutenant Hainemann, acting commander of Tilos, with Captain Hillman, after the failed first attempt of the Sacred Band at the liberation of the island. In the background, the HMS Sirius.

December 5th, 1944
Raid on Melos. German commander of Melos, Bernhard Kuhn, and four other persons (including the philhellene doctor Hans Loeber and a Greek nurse) were killed.

December 10th, 1944
Raid on Melos. Blowing up a damaged German car, terrorising its
passengers who had been awaiting a service crew.

December 23rd, 1944
Raid on Melos. Assault on a German patrol in the area of Theiorycheia. The ensuing struggle resulted in the death of its commander and the arrest of all soldiers.

February 12th, 1945
Raid on Nisyros. Arrest of twenty Germans at village of

March 1st, 1945
Raid on Tilos. In cooperation with two Indian companies. 142 German prisoners and twenty dead.

May 1st. 1945 – May 2nd, 1945
Raid on Rhodes. Three assault groups. Successful attacked on the outpost at the village of Heimarasi, killing twelve men, capturing another thirteen. Successful attack on the outposts at Foka and Steli. Successful attack the outposts in Noti and Vounara.

May 1st. 1945 – May 2nd, 1945
Raid on Alimnia. Successful attack on the garrison, twenty-seven prisoners, three wounded and eight dead. Sinking of one boat and the destruction of a radio and other war material.

Troops of the Sacred Band after their raid at Alimnia.
Troops of the Sacred Band after their raid at Alimnia.

May 8th, 1945
Surrender of the Dodecanese and Aegean Islands

The signing of the German surrender at the Dodecanese by Brigadier Moffat and  Colonel Tsigantes (at the far right)
The signing of the German surrender at the Dodecanese and Aegean Sea by Brigadier Moffat and Colonel Tsigantes.