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Operations Special Air Service

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May 6th, 2022
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November 9th, 2023
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Additional Information
Special Air Service
Order of Battle

Two SAS jeeps with troopers during Operation Bullbasket.
North Africa
  • Operation Crusader
  • Operation Squatter
  • Operation Green Room
  • Operation Agreement
  • Operation Bigamy
  • Operation Palmyra
  • Operation Albumen
  • Operation Husky
  • Operation Chestnut
  • Operation Narcissus
  • Operation Avalanche
  • Operation Candytuft
  • Operation Baobab
  • Operation Galia

    September 7th, 1943 –
    Operation Speedwell. Fourteen-man group split into a number of smaller patrols. Their mission is to destroy train tracks and ambush trains near Genoa.
    The surviving raiders return to friendly lines by foot after up to seven months behind enemy lines, some after time in captivity.
Northwest Europe
Operation Overlord
  • Operation Overlord
    • Operation Titanic
    • Operation Nelson
    • Operation Samwest
    • Operation Grog/Grog
    • Operation Dingson
    • Operation Bulbasket
    • Operation Cooney
    • Operation Houndsworth
    • Operation Lost
    • Operation Swan II
    • Operation Gain
    • Operation Defoe
    • Operation Derry
    • Operation Hardy
    • Operation Wallace
    • Operation Gaff
    • Operation Dunhill
    • Operation Loyton
    • Operation Pistol
  • Operation Moses
  • Operation Haggard
  • Operation Newton
  • Operation Noah II
  • Operation Canuck
  • Operation Cold Comfort
  • Operation Brake
  • Operation Tombola
  • Operation Archway
  • Operation Amherst
  • Operation Keystone
  • Operation Howard