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Equipment GHQ Liaison Regiment

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January 18th, 2024
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January 20th, 2024
Great Britain
British Flag
Additional Information
Order of Battle

Helmets and Uniforms
Brodie Steel Helmet Brodie Steel Helmet
Collarless Battledress ShirtCollarless Battledress Shirt
Pattern 1937 Battledress UniformPattern 1937 Battledress Uniform
Pattern 1940 Battledress UniformPattern 1940 Battledress Uniform
Khaki Drill Tropical BattledressKhaki Drill Tropical Battledress Uniform
Cotton Jungle Green Drill BattledressAertex Jungle Green Drill Battledress Uniform
Airborne Paratrooper Battledress TrousersAirborne Paratrooper Battledress Trousers
Denison SmockDenisin Smock
Great CoatGreat Coat
B5 Leather BootsB5 Leather Boots
Desert Boot, Chukka BootChukka Boots
Leather DMS Ammunition BootsLeather Ammunition Boots
Pattern 1937 GaitersPattern 1937 Gaiters
Personal Equipment
Pattern 1937 WebbingPattern 1937 Webbing
Pattern 1937 Binocular Case and 7 x 50 BinocularsPattern 1937 Binocular Case and 7 x 50 Binoculars
Pattern 1937 Compass PocketPattern 1937 Compass Pocket
Personal Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Vickers .303 Machine GunVickers .303 Machine Gun
Vickers .50 Machine GunVickers .50 Machine Gun
Bedford QL(R) Wireless TruckBedford QL(R) Wireless Truck
Daimler “Dingo” Armoured Scout CarDaimler "Dingo" Armoured Scout Car
Guy Armoured Scout CarGuy Armoured Scout Car
Fordson War Office TruckFordson War Office Truck
 Morris 4WD 15 cwt CS8Morris 4WD 15 cwt CS8
Type B Bus “Pigeon Loft”Type B Bus "Pigeon Loft"
White M3 A1 Scout CarWhite M3 A1 Scout Car
Willys MB, 14‑ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance, JeepWillys MB, 1⁄4‑ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance, Jeep
BSA M20 SoloBSA M 20 Solo
Norton Model 16H MilitaryNorton Model 16H Military
Norton Model 16H Military SidecarNorton Model 16H Military Sidecar
Specialised Equipment
Wireless Set No. 1Wireless Set No. 1
Wireless Set No. 9Wireless Set No. 9
Wireless Set No. 11 Wireless Set No. 11
Wireless Set No. 18Wireless Set No. 18
Wireless Set No. 19 HPWireless Set No. 19
Wireless Set No. 52Wireless Set No. 52
Reception Set R107Reception Set R107