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Equipment Commandos

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August 26th, 2022
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February 17th, 2024
Great Britain
British Flag
Additional Information
Order of Battle

Helmets and Uniforms
Green BeretGreen Beret
Brodie Steel HelmetBrodie Steel Helmet
Pattern 1937 Battledress UniformPattern 1937 Battledress Uniform
Denison SmockDenison Smock
Pattern 1937 WebbingPattern 1937 Webbing
Bergen BackpackPattern 1942 Bergen Backpack
Skeleton Assault JerkinSkeleton Assault Jerkin
Personal Equipment
BinocularsPattern 1937 Binocular Case and 7 x 50 Binoculars
CompasBritish Military Compass
Personal Weapons
.38 RevolverSmith & Wesson 38 Military
Colt M1911A1 .45 Automatic PistolColt M1911A1 .45 Automatic Pistol
Bren Light Machine GunBren Light Machine Gun
De Lisle CarbineDe Lisle Carbine
Lee Enfield No.1 Mk. III SMLELee Enfield No.1 Mk. III SMLE
Thompson Sub Machine GunThompson Submachine Gun
EY Rifle, Grenade LauncherEY Rifle, Grenade Launcher
Mills Hand Grenade for EY RifleMills Hand Grenade for EY Rifle
No. 36 Bomb or Mills
Mills Hand Grenade
No. 69 Concussion GrenadeNo. 69 Grenade
No. 77 Phosphorous GrenadeNo. 77 Phosphorus Grenade
Middle East Commando KnifeMiddle East Commando Knife
Fairbarn-Sykes Commando DaggerFairbarn-Sykes Commando Dagger
Heavy Weapons
2-inch MortarOrdnance ML 2 Inch Mortar
3-inch MortarOrdnance ML 3-inch mortar
No. II Mk II Flamethrower, LifebuoyNo. II Mk II Flamethrower, Lifebuoy
Boyes Anti-Tank RifleBoys Anti-Tank Rifle
Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank (PIAT)Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank (PIAT)
Vickers K Machine GunVickers "K" Machine Gun
Vickers Machine GunVickers .50 Machine Gun
JeepBantam BRC40
Fairmile B-type Motor Launch
Fairmile C-type Motor Gun BoatFairmile C-type Motor Gun Boat
Fairmile D-type Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D-type Motor Torpedo Boat
Vosper Thornycroft 70 Motor Torpedo BoatVosper Thornycroft 70 Motor Torpedo Boat
Landing Ship Infantry, LargeLanding Ship Infantry (Large) (LSI(L))
Landing Ship Infantry, MediumLanding Ship, Infantry (Medium/Small) (LSI(M/S))
H.M.S. CampbeltownH.M.S. Campbeltown (Converted)
Landing Craft, AssaultLanding Craft Assault
Landing Craft, Infantry (Large)Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
Landing Craft, MechanisedLanding Craft Mechanised
Cockle Mk. 2 CanoeCockle Canoe Mk. II
Goatley BoatGoatley Boat
Specialised Equipment
Bangalore TorpedoBangalore Torpedo
Explosives No. 808 Explosives
Toggle RopeToggle Rope
No. 19 Wireless SetWireless set No. 19
No. 38 Wireless SetWireless Set No. 38
No. 46 Wireless SetWireless Set No. 46
No. 48 Wireless SetNo. 48 Wireless Set