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Members Coup de Main, 2 Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

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June 2nd, 2024
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June 8th, 2024
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Halifax V, LL355-G of No. 298 Squadron
Tug pilot, Wing Commander Duder
Pilot Officer Mclaren, Sergeant Lappin, Flight Lieutenant Palmby, Flight Sergeant Newling, Sergeant McAllum.
Glider No. 1 (Serial No. PF 800) Tarrant Rushton Chalk No. 91 (Glider No. 667)
Pilot, Staff Sergeant Jim H. Wallwork
Co-pilot, Staff Sergeant John Ainsworth
No. 25 Platoon D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Herbert Denham “Den” Brotheridge
Sergeant Ollis
Corporal Bill Bailey, Corporal “Cobber” Caine, Corporal Webb
Lance Corporal Minns, Lance Corporal Tom Packwood
Private Baalam, Private Bates, Private Frank Bourlet, Private Leslie Chamberlain, Private Dennis Edwards, Private Charlie “Gus” Gardner, Private Bill Gray, Private Jackson 08, Private Paddy O’Donnell, Private Walter “Wally” Parr, Private Tilbury, Private Stan Watson, Private White, Private Windsor
Major Howard
Corporal Tappenden
Royal Engineers
Corporal Watson
Sapper Danson, Sapper Ramsey, Sapper Harry Wheeler, Sapper Yates
Halifax LL335 of No. 298 Squadron
Tug pilot Warrant Officer Berry
Flight Sergeant Roberts, Pilot Officer Letts, Flight Sergeant White (Royal Canadian Air Force), Sergeant Stewart, Sergeant Austin (Royal Norwegian Air Force), Flight Lieutenant Reevely.
Glider No. 2 (Serial No. LW 943) Tarrant Rushton Chalk No. 92 (Glider No. 661)
Pilot Staff Sergeant Oliver F. Boland
Co-pilot Staff Sergeant P. Jack Hobbs
No. 24 Platoon D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant David Wood
Sergeant Leather
Corporal Claude Godbold, Corporal Copperthwaite, Corporal Ilsley
Lance Corporal Drew, Lance Corporal Arthur “Robbo” Roberts
Private Chatfield, Private Cheesley, Private Harry “Nobby” Clark 08, Private Harry Clark 33, Private Den Darcey, Private Harman, Private Lewis, Private Musty, Private Leonard, Private Malpas, Private Pepperall, Private Radford, Private Waters, Private Warmington, Private Fred Weaver,
Royal Army Medical Corps
Lance Corporal Harris
Royal Engineers
Acting Captain Jock Neilson
Sapper Conley, Sapper Lockhart, Sapper Shorey, Sapper Wilkinson

Halifax LL218-N of No. 664 Squadron
Tug pilot, Warrant Officer Herman
Flight Sergeant Mills, Sergeant Duncan, Flight Sergeant Morrison, Flight Sergeant Walsh, Sergeant Waterfall
Glider No. 3 (Serial No. LH 469) Tarrant Rushton Chalk No. 93 (Glider No. 663)
Pilot, Staff Sergeant Geoffrey Barkway
Co-pilot, Staff Sergeant Peter Boyle
No. 14 Platoon B Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Richard “Sandy” Smith
Sergeant Harrison
Corporal Aris, Corporal Stan Evans, Corporal Higgs
Lance Corporal Cohen, Lance Corporal Fred Greenhalgh, Lance Corporal Madge,
Private Anton, Private Basham, Private Burns, Private Crocker, Private Golden, Private Hook, Private Keane, Private Noble, Private Stewart, Private Slade, Private Tibbs, Private Pat Turner, Private Watts, Private Wilson,
Royal Army Medical Corps
Captain John Vaughan
Royal Engineers
Lance Corporal Waring
Sapper Clarke, Sapper Fleming, Sapper Greenhalgh, Sapper Preece

Halifax LL344-P of No. 664 Squadron
Tug pilot, Flight Officer Clapperton
F/O Roberts, Flight Sergeant Burness, Flight Sergeant Bareham, Sergeant Rolt.
Glider No. 4. (Serial No. PF 723) Tarrant Rushton Chalk No. 94 (Glider No. 662)
Pilot, Staff Sergeant A. Lawrence
Co-pilot, Staff Sergeant H. Shorter
No. 22 Platoon D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Tony Hooper
Sergeant Peter Barwick
Lance Sergeant Raymond “Tich” Rayner
Corporal Bateman, Corporal Goodsir
Lance Corporal Ambrose, Lance Corporal Hunt
Private Allwood, Private Clive, Private Everett, Private Hedges, Private Gardner 08, Private Griffiths, Private Hammond, Private Jeffrey, Private Johnson, Private Lathbury, Private St Clair, Private Timms, Private Waite, Private Whitford, Private Wilson
Captain Brian Priday
Lance Corporal Lambley
Royal Engineers
Lance Sergeant Brown
Sapper Deighan, Sapper Guest, Sapper Paget, Sapper Roberts

Halifax LL406-T of No. 298 Squadron
Tug pilot, Warrant Officer Bain
Flight Lieutenant Rowell, Sergeant Holder, Flight Sergeant Mansell, Sergeant Weeks, Sergeant Beusley.
Glider No. 5. (Serial No. LJ 326) Tarrant Rushton Chalk No. 95 (Glider No. 660)
Pilot, Staff Sergeant Stan Pearson
Co-pilot, Staff Sergeant Len Guthrie
No. 23 Platoon D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Henry J. “Todd” Sweeney
Sergeant Gooch
Corporal Murton, Corporal Bill “Smokey” Howard, Corporal Jim Jennings
Lance Corporal Porter, Lance Corporal Stacey
Private Doug Allen, Private Bleach, Private Bowden, Private Peter “Rocky” Bright, Private Buller, Private Clark 46, Private Galbraith, Private Jackson 59, Private Read, Private Roach, Private Roberts, Private Tibbet, Private Willcocks, Private Wixon, Private Wood
Lieutenant Ian Macdonald (7th Parachute Battalion)
Royal Engineers
Corporal Straw
Sapper Bradford, Sapper Carter, Sapper Field, Sapper Cyril Haslett

Halifax LL350-Z of No. 664 Squadron
Tug pilot, Flight Officer Archibald
Flight Sergeant O’Shea, Sergeant Hones, Flight Sergeant Chidley, Flight Sergeant Brown (Royal Canadian Air Force), Sergeant Orford.
Glider No. 6. (Serial No. PF 791) Tarrant Rushton Chalk No. 96 (Glider No. 664)
Pilot, Staff Sergeant Roy A. Howard
Co-pilot, Staff Sergeant Fred Baacke
No. 17 Platoon B Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Dennis Fox
Sergeant Charles “Wagger” Thornton
Corporal Burne, Corporal Lally, Corporal Reynolds
Lance Corporal Loveday
Private Clare, Private Ennetts, Private Halbert, Private Jollet, Private Lawton, Private O’Shaughnessy, Private Peverill, Private Pope, Private Rudge, Private Starr, Private Summersby, Private Ward, Private Whitbread, Private Whitehouse, Private Woods, Private Wyatt,
Royal Army Medical Corps
Lance Corporal Lawson
Royal Engineers
War Substantive Lieutenant Jack Bence
Sapper Burns, Sapper Cyril. W. Larkin, Sapper Claude. H. Larkin, Sapper Maxted