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Equipment 5332nd Brigade (Provisional)

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July 12th, 2022
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July 19th, 2022
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5332nd Brigade (Provisional)
Order of Battle

Interactive Page
M1 HelmetM1 Helmet
Herringbone Twill HatHerringbone Twill Hat
Herringbone Twill UniformHerringbone Twill HBT Uniform
Service ShoesService Shoes Type 1
M1936 LeggingsM1936 Leggings
Canvas and Rubber Jungle BootsJungle Boots
Personal Equipment
M1936 Pistol BeltM1936 Pistol Belt
M1936 SuspendersM1936 Suspenders
M1911 Pistol HolsterM1911 Pistol Holster
M1928 HaversackM1928 Haversack
M1910 CanteenM1910 Canteen
M1910 Entrenching ToolM1910 Entrenching Tool
M1943 Folding Entrenching ToolM1943 Folding Entrenching Tool
M1923 Garand Ammunition BeltM1923 Garand Ammunition Belt
M1937 BAR Ammunition BeltM1937 BAR Ammunition Belt
M1 Medical Jungle KitM1 Medical Jungle Kit
M2 Medical Jungle KitM2 Medical Jungle Kit
M1942 Meat CanM1942 Meat Can
Field Utensils SetField Utensil Silverware Set
M1934 Wool BlanketM1934 Wool Blanket
Personal Weapons
M1911 Colt .45 PistolM1911
M1 CarabineM1 Carabine
M1 Garand RifleM1 Garand
M1903 SpringfieldM1903 Springfield
M1 Sniperscope
M73B1 2.5 Power TelescopeM73B1 2.5 Power Telescope
M1918 Browning Automatic RifleM1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
M1922 Browning Automatic RifleM1922 Browning Automatic Rifle
Thompson Submachine GunSubmachine Gun Thompson M1A1
M3 Combat KnifeM3 Combat Knife
M1943 SWI ManchetteM1943 SWI Manchette
MK II Pineapple GrenadeMk 2 (Pineapple Hand Grenade)
Heavy Weapons
60mm Mortar60mm Mortar
81mm Mortar81mm mortar
107mm Mortar107mm Mortar
M1919 Browning .30 Machine GunM1919 Browning .30 Machine Gun
M2 Browning .50 Machine GunM2 Browning .50 Machine Gun
M9 BazookaM9 Bazooka
M1 and M8 75mm Pack HowitzerM8 75mm Howitzer
M20 3.5 Inch Rocket LauncherM20 3.5 inch Rocket Launcher
Specialised Equipment
AN/PRC-l Radio
SCR 177-S Radio
SCR 300 RadioSCR-300 Radio
SCR 284 RadioSCR 284 Radio
War DogWar Dog
MulesTransport Mule
Packing SaddlePacking Saddle
Dakota C47Dakota C47
Stinson L1Stinson L1
Piper L4Piper L4
Stinson L5Stinson L5