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Battle of Order 1st Air Commando Group

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January 30th, 2023
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March 17th, 2023
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1st Air Commando
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Order of Battle

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September 13th, 1943 – December 26th, 1943
Lieutenant Colonel Philip G. Cochran
Lieutenant Colonel John R. Alison
December 26th, 1943 – May 20th, 1944
Colonel Philip G. Cochran
May 20th, 1944 – April 7th, 1945
Colonel Clinton B. Gaty
April 7th, 1945 – End of the war
Colonel Robert W. Hall
Order of Battle

Project 9, May 1943 – December 1943

Project CA 281,

5318th Provisional Unit (Air), December 1943 – March 1944

No. 1 Air Commando Force, March 1944 – March 25th, 1944

1st Air Commando Group, March 25th, 1944
  • 5th Fighter Squadron (Commando)
  • 6th Fighter Squadron (Commando)
  • 10th Air Jungle Rescue Detachment
  • 72nd Airdrome Squadron
  • 164th Liaison Squadron (Commando)
  • 165th Liaison Squadron (Commando)
  • 166th Liaison Squadron (Commando)
  • 284th Medical Dispensary (Aviation)
  • 285th Medical Dispensary (Aviation)
  • 309th Airdrome Squadron
  • 319th Troop Carrier Squadron (Commando)
  • 326th Airdrome Squadron
  • 900th Airborne Engineers Company