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Order of Battle 2e Régiment de Chasseur Parachutistes

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May 8th, 2022
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May 8th, 2022
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2e Régiment de Chasseur Parachutistes
Order of Battle

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Badge of the Special Air Service
Capitaine Georges Bergé
September 15th, 1940 – June 19th, 1942
Capitaine Lambert
June 19th, 1942 – January 27th, 1943
Lieutenant-Colonel Fourcaud
January 27th, 1943 – November 11th, 1943
Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Louis Auguste Bourgoin
November 11th, 1943 – November 1944
Commandant Pierre Puech-Samson
November 1944 – November 1945
Lieutenant-Colonel Reyniers
November 1945- September 30th, 1946
Order of Battle
Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre-Louis Bourgoin during the liberation of Vannes in 1944.
1re Compagnie d’Infanterie de l’Air, September 15th, 1940
1re Compagnie Parachutiste, April 10th, 1941
Peloton Parachutiste du Levant, September 25th, 1941
1re Compagnie de Chasseurs Parachutistes, October 25th, 1941
1er Bataillon d’Infanterie de l’Air, July 1st, 1943
4e Bataillon d’Infanterie de l’Air, November 1943
3 Special Air Service (3 SAS), January 1944
Headquarters Company
* Signal Section with twelve radio teams
* Support section
* Protection and Service Section
Motorized Company
* Four Motorized Platoons of four jeeps
Three Combat Companies
* Command section
* Two combat sections with four groups (sticks).
2e Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes, 3 Special Air Service