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No. 30 Commando

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October 9th, 2022
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October 9th, 2022
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No. 30 Commando is raised on September 3rd, 1942, under the Chief of Combined Operations. With the initial name of the special Engineering Unit, the unit is a unique addition to the Commando aspect. The unit operates alongside or in advance of forward combat units to seize documents or other material from captured enemy Headquarters or other facilities.

It consists of three troops: No. 33 (Royal Marine) Troop, No. 34 (Army) Troop and No. 36 (Royal Navy, RN or Technical) Troop. Each troop has an establishment of two officers and twenty other ranks, with the Army troop only having twelve other ranks. While the first two come under the command of the Special Service Brigade No. 36 (RN) Troop is retained under Royal Navy control.

Training covers general Commando skills as well as those required for its highly specialised role. It made its operational debut during the Operation Torch landings in North Africa and plays a significant role throughout the rest of the war.