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Brandenburg Relief of Bucharest

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August 27th, 2023
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August 27th, 2023
German Flag
Special Forces
August 24th, 1944 – September 1st, 1944
Brandenburg Relief of Bucharest
  • Relief encircled German Forces in Bucharest, Rumania.
Operational Area

Bucharest, Rumania

Unit Force
  • Fallschirmjäger-Battalion Brandenburg,
Opposing Forces
  • Pro-Soviet Rumanian Factions

In August, a significant operation involving two companies of Fallschirmjäger-Battalion Brandenburg, merge with two companies of Brandenburg’s 3. Regiment, is undertaken in an attempt to carry out the “Relief of Bucharest.” in Rumania. The main objective is to rescue two generals, along with their troops, who found themselves surrounded by pro-Soviet Romanian forces within the city.

August 24th, 1944

The operation unfolds with the capture of Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport by a small force of Brandenburg Fallschirmjäger around midday on. Their tenacity holds firm until 19:00, facilitating the arrival of their fellow soldiers by Me 323 Gigant aircraft. By 21:00 on the same day, the airport and the German Headquarters areas that are encircled come under German control. Negotiations take place with some Romanian factions who still profess loyalty to their German allies. These discussions result in assurances that German forces situated in and around Bucharest will be granted safe passage to the Yugoslav border.

September 1st, 1944

However, the semblance of cooperation quickly unravels. As the German column, safeguarded by Brandenburg forces, is departing Bucharest, the Romanians betray their erstwhile allies by handing them over to the Soviets. This act marks a stark end to any pretense of cooperation. Tragically, only a few, if any, of the Brandenburg soldiers manage to survive the ordeal of Soviet captivity.

The outcome of the Bucharest mission has a profound impact on the structure of Fallschirmjäger-Battalion Brandenburg. The unit’s Order of Battle was drastically diminished by half as a direct result of this operation.